Thursday, January 16, 2014

Onto the AFC Championship

The Denver Broncos played their "first round" of the playoffs against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon.

Leading into the game, bronco fans kept flashing back to exactly one year earlier when Denver lost with seconds left against the Baltimore Ravins. This time was a little different, Denver came out with a 24-17 win. The broncos went into the fourth quarter with a 17-0 lead when suddenly Denver's defense looked tired, worn out, and defeated. Denver's cornerback Chris Harris Jr went out of the game with a torn ACL, and Philip Rivers took advantage by scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter.

The Broncos offense wasn't going to let a repeat of last season happen again, and scored a final 7 points to send them to the title game for the first time in eight seasons. They'll host the New England Patriots on Sunday 1/19 at 3pm EST. The last time the two teams faced each other the broncos managed to blow a 24 point lead and lose in overtime.

As the broncos prepare for the game on sunday, there's no doubt that it will be a showdown between two future hall of fame quarterbacks.

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