Monday, October 21, 2013

Denver Records its First Loss...Against the Colts...

Denver traveled to Indianapolis for the Sunday Night game on October 20. The game was the most buzzed about game of the week because it was Peyton Manning's first homecoming after being let go from the Colts in 2012. Earlier in the week the Colt's owner, Jim Irsay made comments to the USA Today stating that he had, "no regrets" releasing Manning because he only lead the team to 1 Superbowl victory.

His comment lead to a media circus causing the game against Indy to be the biggest of the season so far. Bronco's fans went in with no doubt their undefeated season would continue when Peyton Manning completing a first drive touchdown, but that quickly dwindled when Colts quarterback Andrew Luck came out to prove a point with 121 rushing yards and 213 passing yards to defeat the Bronco's 39-33.

The Bronco's looked off their game all night, and nearly shooting themselves in the foot with 12 penalties for 103 yards, 3 turnovers, and completing only 5-16 first downs. The Bronco's tried to come back with 2 back to back touchdowns late in the fourth quarter, but couldn't catch their groove when they fumbled at the 10 yard line, and Manning throwing an interception with 2 minutes left in the fourth.

We all hope the Bronco's can recoup from the loss and come back strong next week against the Redskins in Washington.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bronco's make it interesting against the Cowboys!

On Sunday, October 6th, Denver traveled to Dallas to take on the Cowboys for a game many thought would be a blowout. Everyone knows that the Bronco's are undefeated, and I don't think there was a sportscaster out there that favored Dallas over Denver. 

When kickoff began Dallas came out with a lead of 7-0 with 8:06 remaining in the first. Tony Romo completed a 2 yard pass for the touchdown. Now, there was no need to panic yet, but then they scored another touchdown with a 4 yard run, making it 14-0 in the first quarter alone.

Denver's defense had been explosive for the first 4 games of the season, and we started to wonder if it had just been a fluke. 

Fans started to breathe a sigh of relief when Julius Thomas caught a 4 yard pass from Peyton Manning to make it 14-7. 

It didn't stop there, the Cowboys went on to score 34 more points with Tony Romo throwing 506 yards and completing 25 of 36 passes. The game continued to be back and forth until the last seconds in fourth quarter. The Cowboys took the lead with with 7:19 left in the fourth when Tony Romo threw one of this infamous interceptions, that lead the Bronco's to tie the game 48-48 with 2:38 left in the game.

The game ended with :02 left on the clock after the Bronco's kicker Matt Prater completed a 28 yard field goal, taking a 51-48 victory, and remain undefeated on the season.

The Broncos face the 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars at home this Sunday, October 18th. Not only do the fans want a 16-0 season, but Denver is nothing short of impressive.