Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is John Fox Going to be Back Before The End of the Season?

Denver's head coach John Fox was released from a North Carolina hospital only 4 days after surgery. Fox made a statement to the press saying, "My goal and dream is to be there (on the sideline) before the conclusion of the season." The average person takes 5-7 days of hospital recovery from an aortic replacement, and Fox took just 4. Fox plans to travel back to Denver as soon as he is cleared to fly. 

Fox also made several statements that this was not related to living an unhealthy lifestyle, or stress. It was simply a condition that he was born with that he never needed to be replaced until now. He also told reporters that we should focus on how fast he is recovering which is directly related to his healthy lifestyle. 

No one knows if Fox will be ready by the end of the season, but all the fans, and surely his team hopes that he will be back to lead his team to their potential Super Bowl victory since 1998. 

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